MOMS Club® of Buckingham North

February 2016 Minutes for Moms

Message from the President

As I walked through the entrance of a local store on January 2nd- I was immediately greeted with hearts, stuffed animals and all things Valentine's day. I had barely caught my breath from Christmas and New Years and now I was reminded of another "holiday" lurking around the corner! It still amazes me that just like a switch once one holiday is over, immediately stores flip right into the next one! Valentine's Day does allow us to think about and reflect on love, and realize how fortunate we all are to have multiple people in our lives to love and that we are loved too! I'm sure we can all remember how giddy we felt the first time we received flowers, a card, or just something to say thinking of you on a Valentine's Day from someone special. Then once we had children, love took on a whole new meaning and we could hardly imagine what life was even like before these sweet little ones! So happy Valentine's Day to you! Celebrate love with your kids- make heart crafts and Valentine's with them, read a fun story, shape their morning pancakes like hearts, give them a few extra kisses and enjoy the pops of color of red and pink everywhere during these cold days of winter!

February Birthdays- Happy Birthday!


9 - Abbe Feledick
20 - Rhea Minda


2 - Arianna Kowalski
14 - Daphne Sun
18 - Christian Serban
20 - Gavin Reinert

Upcoming Events

February 4th: Members Social at Mr. B's 10 am - 12 pm
February 8th: Barn Nature Center Tour 1:30 pm
February 12th: Children's Museum 10 am - 12 pm
February 15th: Jumpin Jack's 10 am
February 22nd: Mommy's Lunchdate at Panera 12 pm
February 25th: MNO Villagils' Restaurant 7 pm (Peddler's Village)

Past Events

January was a chilly and snow-filled month, so we did various indoor activities! We enjoyed time at the library, storytime, open gym at Central Bucks Gymnastics, and a morning at Giggleberry. Our big event this month was our Snowman Party! Thank you Robyn for hosting this fantastic night- it was so much fun!! Lots of laughs, smiles and great memories!
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Board for 2016-2017 Needed!!

We have a volunteer for treasurer for next year- yay!! Thank you Angela Cook for volunteering!! We are in search of volunteers to fill the following board positions (President, Vice President, Membership Vice President and Secretary) as well as playgroup coordinator. Our current board has enjoyed their time, but it is now time to pass the torch! Even if you are a newer member, you can be a board member. It's a great way to get to know members, meet new ones, add your ideas to the club and of course keeping our club running successfully! The current board members will teach you about the role before you start on July 1st. (fiscal year is from 7/1/16 - 6/30/17). Remember, the club can not run if we do not have a board. So please please say you will volunteer for one of the positions to keep our wonderful club going!!

New Baby!!

Congratulation Missy Sanchez! Her baby girl, Alison Karina Sanchez, was born on January 21st at 8:35 am. She's 19" and 6.9 lbs- mommy and baby are doing great! We are so happy for you Missy!

Voting results

Thank you to everyone for your feedback and voting about whether to keep the recurring community events on meetup...the votes are in and the majority voted to keep the events on meetup!

Host Needed Please

We are in search of hosts for the March and April Members Social. If you would like to host one of these events at your house, you would pick the day and time that works for you. You would just provide a few peanut-free snacks and drinks and everyone attending the event also brings a snack to share. If anyone is interested in opening their home for this event, please e-mail me ( Thank you!

Did you Know....

Here is your dose of random knowledge for today!

The Louvre was never intended to be a museum. It was built as a fortress in 1190 to protect the city of Paris.

Though dragonflies possess 6 legs like any other insect, they cannot walk.

Giraffes sleep only 1.9 hours a day in five- to 10-minute sessions. Koalas, however, are the longest-sleeping mammals, sleeping up to 22 hours a day.

The English chocolate company Cadbury made the first chocolate bar in the world in 1842.

The word “bankrupt” is from the Italian banca rotta, literally “broken bench.” In the years of early banking, people who exchanged, stored, and lent money did their business in the public marketplace at a bench. If the man at the bench, or the “banker,” ran out of money or was unfair, his bench would be broken.

The smell of young wine is called an “aroma” while a more mature wine offers a more subtle “bouquet.”

Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.

Craft Ideas

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Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Commitee is in place to help out fellow moms of the club if the need arises, by arranging meals or support from other members. So if you know of a MOMS Club member who is expecting a baby, has a long-term illness, or is in need of meals or support from other members, please contact Stephanie at:

Board Members

Kellie Horvath

VP of Administration:
Leslie McGrady

VP of Membership:
Noel de la Pena

Erin Leber

Joy McDonough


Primary Coordinator
Cara Borian
249 Atlantic Ave.
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 927-9129

Secondary Coordinator
Erin Fischer
508 Bentley Court
Exton, PA 19341
(610) 280-0330

Conference Coordinator
Nadine Young

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” - Hamilton Wright Mabie

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