The best job in the Zoo!

This career involves a lot of interaction with lots of different animals.

So, to be able to interact with them you would need a degree in zoology and animal biology. To get that I would go to university of Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin

I would go to that specific university because it is in a rural area, close(if you live in Wisconsin), and it Is a public school, which would be a lot less expensive. It is a 4 year college and classes are relatively small. Although you do need a 3.0 from high school.

The career itself:

These jobs are relatively prominent in Wisconsin. A possible employer for me would be Du Point. A possible salary on Wisconsin would likely be around 87,290. But the national average is about 102,300.

I. Would see myself doing this job because I love animals but you have to tolerate the smell!

Some of the best animals

Guaranteed to be one of the best decisions of your life!

I hope you loved my flyer! Thanks for reading! ;-)