Chile Economy

South America

Hello guys! I'm back for yet another trip on my journey! And this time I've chosen to explore the economy of Chile! So here I am with all the resources that I could find to help me explain all the info about Chile's economy! So lets begin!

Chile has enjoyed a very good, clean, stable economy, they have achieved and advanced so much in the past few year, for example, the number of people who were living under the poverty line, dropped by an entire half! The main economic activity here is mining, they make a ton of money off of this because they have a huge supply of resource, this is because the Andes borders about 50% of it. It is the worlds leading copper supply.

Chile is a democratic republic and has been since 1989, in this year they decided to stop enforcing their strict laws about having military officers watch over and border the country.

So in all, this has concluded my trip to Chile, but remember, they have a great economy and chances are, many of you guys will love it here! So until my next log, I'll catch you later!