No Teacher Left Behind

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How would you suggest we, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies? Should all teachers across the country use certain practices? If so, what would those be?

Teachers should be provided training on how to effectively use the 21st century skills. Many of our teachers don’t know how to incorporate the 21st century skills into their lesson plans. Training should be given to teachers and it should become mandatory for teachers to attend. Workshops should also be given to teachers on a monthly basic to addressed problems they are facing inside their classroom. Workshops should be held to give teachers a visual of how their classroom should be ran.

Yes, teachers across the country should use certain practices to serve as guide to teach from. Using the common core state standards does help ensure that there is a certain level of accountability for students.

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as students must pass high stakes tests?

Yes, there should be a national standardized test for teachers, because it is very important that teachers be qualified. There are way too many teachers who do not know what they are doing. Tests would help show which teachers should find a different career. Standardized tests would be the first step to hold teachers accountable. It should be mandatory for teachers to pass the Praxis exam to be highly qualified to teach our students.

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How well are teachers being prepared to master the ISTE Standards in their classrooms?

Teachers are well prepared to master the ISTE standards in their classroom. Most teachers are lifelong learners and we exhibit leadership in schools and promote effective use of digital tools and resources. Engage in professional growth and leadership. ISTE offers a host of resources to help teachers learn about the ISTE Standards and how to use them.


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