Land of the Dead

The Odyssey

After the events in Circe...

Odysseus and what was left of his men was told to visit the ghost prophet Teiresias by Circe. They wanted to ask the prophet how they will finally get home to Ithaca from where they are. Basically, they were lost, and needed guidance.

Welcome to the Underworld

Upon arriving in the Underworld, Odysseus got a little bit more than he bargained for. After he and his men performed the ritual to call the spirit of Teiresias, many other ghosts also appeared. Among these randoms were actually some very important people that meant a lot to Odysseus.

Odysseus's VIP

A few more noteworthy folks...


The sad tale of Tantalus revolves around not being able to quite reach something. He stood in a lake as high as his chin, but he could never drink the water because it would dry up every time he tried. Above him were beautiful and ripe fruits of every color, but he could never reach it because the wind would blow the branches away from his grasp.


Sisyphus was the one who tried to roll his huge boulder up a hill. Every time he reached the top, the boulder would pivot under its weight and slide back down the hill. The diligent Sisyphus tried many times and worked his body to the max, but could never roll the rock over to the other side.