The Bells

by: Edgar Allan Poe

Christmas Bells

  • listen to the bells. It also tells us what they are used for and what they are made of,and talks about christmas bells
  • "Hear the sledges with the bells - silverbells"

Wedding Bells

  • The feeling is still happy, and the sound of the bells is mellow.These bells are more calm, relaxed, and smooth, and talks about golden wedding bells.
  • "Hear the mellow wedding bells, golden bells. What a world of happiness their harmony foretells."

Fire/Alarm Bells

  • These are terror bells because they are scary when you are sleeping and they wake you up and people are dieng.
    • "Too much horrified to speak,They can only shriek, shriek,"

    Death Bells

    • Scary death bells, the devil is sending his demonds to rob the graves.
    • "They are neither man nor woman--They are neither brute nor human-- they are ghouls and there king it is who tolls"