Democratic Evolution

Michaela Karriker, Honors Civics


The Democratic Party stands for social security, health care, women's rights, civil rights, and worker's rights. Some of the presidents that belong to this party are Reagan, Kennedy, and Obama.


The Democratic Party was formed in 1792 and was originally called the Federalists with Hamilton as their leader. The Federalists had a loose interpretation of the Constitution and they also favored a strong central government.

Title Change

Andrew Jackson influenced the title of Democrat in the 1830s. The Election of 1860 allowed an anti-slavery president to win, which at that time was titled Republican. The parties blended together in the Gilded Age and were against radical reform.


The Progressive Era produced 3 presidents who were against political parties and supported capitalism. The Republican Era came before the Democratic Era and had mostly conservative and traditional values. The Democratic Era included immigrants, poor and most of the middle class. Truman increased the minimum wage, increased public housing, and expanded social security.

Split Party

In 1948, the parties split into the Progressives and the Dixiecrats. By the 1960s extensive government involvement was included in urban renewal, education, and many other social issues.
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After Vietnam War

The Democratic Party advocated for extension of civil rights, birth control, abortion rights, and fair housing. Reagan came about with limiting nuclear weapons, affirmative action, and pro-choice.

Democrat v. Republican

Democrats support higher tax rates for people with higher income and Republicans believe that taxes shouldn't be increased for anyone. Republicans are for increased spending for military while Democrats are for decreased spending for military. Most of the time Democrats support gay marriage and believe abortion should be made legal whereas Republicans oppose gay marriage and think abortion should not be legal. Democrats believe we need a strong government while Republicans think government regulations hinder the free market and job growth.
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