The Day I Was Born

Autobiography Chapter Two

I was born on

October 20th 1999

According to the age calculator,

I am 5465 days old

This is what the moon looked like on my birthday

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I share my birthday with some pretty cool people like:

Jomo Kenyatta; kenyan prime minister

John Krasinski; actor (personal favorite actor)

Snoop Dogg; rapper

William Zabka; actor

and Thomas Newman; music department


Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (Official Version) by DanLeonardMusic98

These are important dates through time that occured on my birthday:

1.1097- First crusaders arrived in Antioch

2.1843- First chinese immigrant arrives in Suriname

3.1910- First cork centered baseball

4.1922- Kenilworth in Bronx renamed Dwight Place

5.1930- British White Paper restricts Jews from buying Arab land

6.1935- 400,000 demonstrators against fascism in Madrid

7.1944- Liquid-gas tanks in Cleveland, Ohio explode, 135 die, 3,600 homeless

8.1965- Mass arrests of communists in Indonesia

9.1979- John F Kennedy Library dedicated in Boston

10.1988- Man armed with explosives blows himself up in 125 St subway station (NYC)

Prices were different in 1999

For example:

A postage stamp: 33 cents

A luxury car: $21,050.00

An economy car: $17,518.00

A gallon of milk: $2.88

Going to the movies: $5.06

The president at the time was:

Bill Clinton

In order to be a cool kid, you had to have:

SuperGlow Kitchen Center
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The top movies that came out were

-The Matrix

-Alice in Wonderland

-The Iron Giant

The biggest movie stars were

-Roberto Benigni

-Tom Hanks

-Meryl Streep

Most popular TV shows


-Telly Tubbies



Top two music hits were

-Slide; Goo Goo Dolls

-I Want it that Way; Backstreet Boys

The most played sports were



Fashion was a lot different back then

for example

-Colorful clothes


-Tank tops

-Cargo pants