Traditional and publishing methods

by ser jermaine of house baratheon

Tradtional methods against digital methods

tradaditional methods have been used for very long and have given the public the best quality publslihing but is much more slowler than that of digital methods. For example hand cut gives a much more rewarding way of publishing as well as a much safer becuase anything can be easily forged on a digital machine but something that has been cut out by hand is more likely to be more legit than anything because it was done by hand.The downside to this is that it is not as quick as digital methods because it can take days for anything to be published to the public but things on a digital platform only has to refreshed like when a new news story pops up it can be quickly updated but something on paper takes longer to get out.

photocopying is much quicker than to that of hand as it can print anything like images and texts on one piece of paper to another making it a easier method than that of hand cut print but photocopying is less interactive than to something on digital. on digital you can publish something to the public by realising on a website because a lot of people will go on that website and have look whereas an advert that has been photocopied paper will take a lot longer to organise but on digital there is not much need of organisation. also digital puvlsihig gives a much more diversity as it can be interacted with better and changed but something that has been photocopied is permanent and cannot be changed or edited unless it all redone and re photo copied which takes up a lot of time.

articles will contain a lot of content that would have been printed by photocopying

Ebooks and e mags can publish a lot more content and give a lot more information whereas a something like newspaper only has limited info due the the size and font of the paper but digital can have many pages.

cost and security

printed copies cost a lot more then digital as they have to buy paper,ink,printers and a lot materials but for digital all you would need to buy is a program that has all the basic tools needed for publication. Traditional publication has less security because it can be difficult to keep track of a lot of pyiscal objects for example lots of paper can be easily stolen and is much more susestibale to the elements such as fire but something digital can be easily secured through a program and it can be saved and accessed on multiple platforms and devices.


traditional methods are physical meaning that it is more likely to be legit and genuine but the problem with this is that physical items can be lost and hard to replace especially if there is a lot of them. But with digital they are less likely to be lost and even if they are they can be easily found by opening it in another program and easily locating it.