Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter-

April 7, 2016

What is going on?

Math: Students will continue our unit on personal financial where students will consider the benefits of saving to purchase something desired. Students will be able to explain to explain the difference between a deposit and a withdrawal, producers and consumers and bridging these skills to our current PBL.

Reading: Next week, we are incorporating biographies into our Reader’s Workshop. While analyzing a famous person’s life we will be asking ourselves, “Why is this person famous? “What did they contribute?” While we are digging deeper into biographies we will be reviewing inferences, main idea, context clues, and writing brief comments to support the text.

Writing: Writing will be incorporated in the PBL this week in the making posters to promote our service oriented project. We will also be working on small moments and leads.

Social Studies: Students will understand the choices people in the U.S. free enterprise system can make about earning, spending, donating, and saving money. This ties into our PBL on how we are earning and spending money and then donating the goods we bought with it.

PBL: In the fall, our first PBL unit was on Round Rock landmarks. One of our landmarks of study was the Texas Baptist Children’s Home. For our last PBL unit this year, our focus will be on how we can help Round Rock children in need. One of TBCH’s biggest needs is food for the summer. They receive a lot of donations around the holidays, but their supplies decrease as summertime rolls around. Our students will work on budgets, fundraising, and learning the importance of “giving without receiving”, as they raise money to purchase food for the Texas Baptist Children’s Home.

Sight Words: There will be no spelling/sight words this week due to the intensity and workload of the PBL.


April 8 Carnival and Mrs. Varljen's birthday!

April 22- Campus Cook-out: Plan to come for lunch

April 26- Field trip to HEB and Baptist Children's Home (I will need helpers)

May 4- Early Release at 12:45

May 9- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

testing. No parent volunteers on these days.

May 10- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

May 11- Campus Closed to visitors due to STARR

May 20- Track and Field Day

Thank you very much for the contributions last week! I ordered 4 of my "dream" stools, 7 wiggle seats, and 4 ear buds! I am one lucky lady!! Thank you!