Mrs. Baker's Class Newlsetter

March 22,2013

What is going on?

This will be a shortened week with the field trip on Thursday, March 28 and no school on Friday, March 29

Math: The focus this week will be a continuation of geometry. Students will describe 3D figures using distinguishing features. Students will also be comparing 2D and 2D shapes and 3D and 3D figures. We will also be exploring faces, vertices,and edges We will continue to work with tangrams and geoboards during this time as well. There will be a continuation of math problem solving.

Science: The area in science will be basic needs of plants. Students will be building a habitat and caring for a plant, each groups habitat and plant will be missing one of the basic needs. They will document the changes over a 10 day period to see the changes. Wednesday will be spent focusing on animals and their characteristics with the field trip on Thursday. We have an animal scavenger hunt they will complete at the zoo.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be themes and morals in fables, legends, and folktales. Students will be focusing on the cultural components along with themes and morals. Throughout the week students will be responding to reading in their reader's response notebooks.

Writing: In writing students will be working on small moment stories and trying to dive into persuasive writing.

Lions, Tigers, Bears...Oh My!!!

Don’t Forget!!

Our field trip is next Thursday. Please remember to bring or do the following things:

  • Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes, class shirt. It is so easy to keep track of the kids at the zoo, if they are all dressed in the same shirt!
  • Please apply sunscreen at home and bring a hat if you want
  • Bring a lunch with your name on it that can be completely thrown away after lunch (no lunchboxes, etc.) If you have one, a little string backpack would be useful to have your child carry a couple of water bottles labeled with their name. There is not a water fountain at the zoo.

On the calendar....

Thursday, March 28 - Field Trip/ Please wear class t-shirt and sunscreen

Thursday, March 28 - Chick-Fil-A Spririt Night

Friday, March 29 - No School