Thomas Jefferson - Kristina Rossi

Background and Significant Features

- Virginia Legislator

- Wartime Governor

- Diplomat

- 3rd U.S. President (2 terms)

- Author of Declaration of Independence

- Graduated from William and Mary

- Philosopher

- Elected to the House of Burgesses in 1769

- Elected to Continental Congress in 1775

- Elected to House of Delegates in 1776

- Secretary of State

- Vice President

Relation to American Government

- Four corners of Jefferson's frame for republican government: abolition of landholding in fee-tail, abolition of primogeniture, separation of church and state, and system of public education

~~1st amendment: freedom of religion due to his ideal of separation of church and state

- Jefferson's idea of the Louisiana Purchase

~~ This allowed the United States to double in size and expand westward

- Started the Democratic Republicans which opened the way for a two party system instead of just the Federalists

~~ Created the party Democratic Republicans (Republicans) who pushed for democracy

- Brought neoclassicism to America

~~ Provided the plans for the new state capitol in Richmond and founded the University of Virginia

- Made the Constitution the guideline of his political views

~~ Shaped the principles of American democracy

-Wrote the Virginia Constitution of 1776 which was a work for framing a new government

~~ Established the ideals that all men are by nature equally free and independent (1st, 13th, and 14th amendment signify these ideals later on)

~~ Created sovereignty which is the given authority to the people which is still important today (ie. voting rights and trials)

- Declaration of Independence gave the natural rights of man

Thomas Jefferson & His Democracy: Crash Course US History #10


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