So You Want To Be President

By: Anna Proctor

Author and illustrator

Author: Judith St. Gorge

illustrator: David Small

Five Interesting Facts About The Author

5 facts about the author are, he won the E.B. white award, he lives in Mendon, Michigan, his drawings have been in NY times, he was a 2009 National Book award nominee, and his book, the Gardener won the Christopher Medal in 1977.

Why It Won The Caldecott Award

I think the book I chose won the Caldecott Award because the pictures made sense, and the pictures went along with the story. Also the characters were good. One more thing is that since it is a child book the children should enjoy it.

year it won

The year So You Want To Be President won the Caldecott Award was in 2001. The link to the authors website is


I compared my book to A Sick Day For Amos McGee. Some differences are that the pictures are very different, and the story. Also this is more of a child book then So You Want To Be A President.

Authors Purpose

I think the authors purpose was to entertain, and inform.