By Catherine Jinks


Published: November 11, 2008

Genre: Historical Fiction

No awards have been won by this book

400 pages

Catherine Jinks

Four time winner of the Child's Book Council of Australia book of the year award

Has won a Victorian Premier's Literature Award

Adelaide Festival Award for Literature

Ena Noel Award for Children's Literature

Aurealis Award for Science Fiction

Presented a Centenary Medal for her contribution to Australian Children's Literature

Three Important Lines

- "If i had a weak skull, I would have turned into an idiot long ago". (This shows that she has a strong independent character)

- "... They are not worthy of my spit!" (This shows her strong head and her stubbornness)

- "Who on earth would want to marry me?" (This quote doesn't mean she hates herself, but who'd want someone with her character, a stubborn fighter)

Historical References

- Some of the terminology, such as the word friar, or referring to priests as father

- It's in the times of the crusades, times of knights and castles and religion, Jinks represents all this very well

- The clothing really shows the time period, knights wearing chain mail, people wearing sandals, and the decorations, hanging tapestry and torches

Why is this book interesting?

- She runs away to fight the French, After her mistreatment home and being married out the house, she cuts her hair and sets out to aid knights against the French

- She meets a priest who claims to have known and loved her father, she eventually stays with him and converting to the religion she hated

- She eventually runs into the knight she originally set out to find, they keep her captive in a castle that she eventually escapes due to an attack by the French

Book Review

I think it was a good book, coming from a person who doesn't like to read at all. I think the plot was good and i like how her plans changed and she was held captive by the very knights she set out to find in the beginning. The time period to me was expressed well and the main character's personality matched the plot progression.