My Fable

Jack Warden

The Mouse and the Eagle.

It was the 6th inning, Redtail the eagle was on the mound, and the score was 6-5 Fieldmice. Jerry the mouse was at the plate. Redtail throws a soarin’ fastball, strike one! The next pitch was a hit that went to downtown New York City. Home run Jerry and the Fieldmice were up 7-5. The Fieldmice took the field. At the plate was Redtail the pitcher. 2-2 count, Redtail, a drive to center field. Gone! First home run for Redtail! 7-6 Fieldmice.

The left fielder got hurt so they had to replace him. Redtail used to play left field, so he replaced the original left fielder. Jerry the mouse was at the plate, 2-2 count. This ball was crushed going to left field. High and deep, It’s Gone, wait what?! Did Redtail catch the ball? He must have flew up there and caught the ball. What a catch! Jerry just threw his helmet on the floor once they called it a catch. Redtail was up again and there was a runner at 1st base, bottom of the 9th inning, 3-2 count, the pitch was crushed the crowd was going wild. Home run! Final score 8-7 Animal Express wins!