Is Autism Really an Epidemic?

Maybe not anymore.

Autism Vaccine May Have Been Made

We might have just found something big

Autism has been growing at a fast rate in recent years, and many questions have been asked about it, especially if there will ever be a cure for it,

Less than a week ago, something long-awaited was invented. First invisible to the public, the world's first successful vaccine to the Autism Spectrum Disorder has been created, and is ready for testing. Ad of now, it's not entirely certain what products were used to make this, but its suspected to be made through the study of cells of autistic kids, teens, and adults and what makes them form as powerful as they are. It was suspected that the vaccine itself was made of several pre-existing vaccine samples, and possibly an entirely new element never before discovered until the development of the vaccine. The vaccine itself won't be able to aid those who are already autistic, but it's said that those who take the vaccine won't have to worry about any offspring having any autistic features.