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Biblical Take-Away Project (and a few tidbits)

Year Long Biblical Take-Away Project

Yesterday the Biblical Take-Away Project was introduced to the kids. This is something students will work on throughout the course of the year. In a nutshell, a form will be filled out for each of the major works we are reading. A simple summary of the project is in your child's syllabus folder, along with a blank copy of the template they will use. (Feel free to go ahead and make 16 copies so they are at your child's disposal.) Some children prefer to type their projects. For that reason, I sent a pdf in an email to each of you.

These first weeks students will bring their completed sheets and share to make sure everyone is on the right track. After that, time management and follow through is left to the student. I told them that every year there is someone who didn't plan ahead and is up until 3AM attempting to complete his or her project. Learn from others...this is NOT the way to go!!

Overall, I have found this project to be thought provoking and something students can walk away with to remember the great works they read.

How to Do a Biblical Take Away!

In class we discussed one of the easiest ways to come up with a Biblical Take Away is to start with some THEMES in the story. For example, in Rikki Tikki we found themes of honor, sacrifice, bravery, loyalty, fear, and family. (Note there is a handy reference sheet in the syllabus folder that lists many universal themes) If we chose to use FEAR, we would ask ourselves what does God say about fear. Well, he clearly tells us in Isaiah to "fear not, for I am with you." From there students would fill out there sheet. See the samples below.
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P.S. Some of You Have a Missing Page in Your Syllabus

I am emailing everyone the page in question. If your child is missing , just print and add to syllabus folder.

P.S.S. Teen Pact NC

Our family has decided to do the second week of Teen Pact which is May 2-5, 2016. If a number of you decide to go, just let me know your week and we will adjust our class schedule. Teen Pact is a wonderful opportunity and has blessed many families. If you register in September there is an Early Bird Discount. Also if it is your child's first time, you may get a referral code from any alumni student to save an additional $10. Here is Robbie's in case anyone would like to use it---TP16NCRB (Just for the record, Robbie does benefit as well) Other momsin our group that you could contact for the referral code are Kathy Moore, Shanna Moss, and Joy Burns

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