Blue Crab Population

Shane Lynch & Kenny Mendoza

The Blue Crap population has decreased dramatically over the past ten years at the chesapeak bay.

Many people believe the problem is overfishing though another reason is that the water is extreamly polluted due to chemical run-off from local farms and lawns

Don't worry there are ways to help solve this!

There are many things we can do to help stop this from continuing, one way is to simply decrease the number of crabs fishermen are allowed to catch per year, but the downside would be that fishermen would lose their jobs and that the job would be less profitable.
The Fertilizers many people use on farms and homes are very harmful to the waters of Chesapeake. The runoff from the houses and farms pollute the bay causing algae to grow which in turn take away oxygen casing crabs to suffocate and also blocks sunlight needed for underwater grass to grow so that young blue crabs can hide.

Blue Crab

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Picture and some of the 2nd fact by Kenny

Everything else by Shane