Hold Me Like A Breath

Written by Tiffany Schmidt

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Penelope Landlow

is a teenage girl who suffers a deadly disease called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, also known as ITP, which causes her own platelets to malfunction, leaving her to bruise just by being touched. Because of this, everyone she knows considers her 'fragile' and they are always try to protect her from anything that can lower her blood count. Along with that, she is the daughter on an illegal, Black Market organ transplanter. Everything is what she would call 'normal', until Penny gets involved in her brother and his best friend, (who happens to be her crush), Garret's dangerous tasks, tearing both her family and 'Family', who is everyone involved in her father's business, apart. Her parents are attacked and she is saved by her doctor, who tells her to go to her brother's apartment building in NYC.She has to run away and live on her own, hiding from other Black Market Families and someone who she thought was her friend. She meets Char, who seems to be a great guy, and he almost makes her forget about the risk she is in. Penelope begins to develop feelings for Char, but soon after she has to set off on her own and save herself from her enemies. Will she be able to stop the other Families from taking over and becoming the go-to organ transplanters? Can she overcome her ITP and make it out alive?

Page 276:

""...if they tried, they could see through all the posturing and pretending and reputation and who you're supposed to be and see the true you underneath? The person you are and who you want to be?""


This quote describes the conflict of the book very well. When Char said this, he meant that if people payed more attention to Penelope and looked past her ITP, they would see that it doesn't identify who she is. Even her family thinks she's weak because of her disease - they don't seem to notice that she doesn't want to stay locked up in her house like they have always forced her to do. They don't listen to her when she says she wants something because they think that everything is too dangerous for her to handle.

Also, the other Family who is trying to kill her and take over the business think that they'll be able to carry out the task easily because of her ITP. They think that she isn't strong enough to stop them, but they don't see who she is "underneath" and how confident she is in herself.

This is a story about proving that you are more than what you seem to be.

Man vs. Man / Man vs. Self

Penelope has to keep herself hidden from someone who she thought she really knew and trusted. She also is hiding from another Black Market Family who she believes wants to kill her so they can be the top organ transplanting Family. This is the Man vs. Man conflict of the story.

The story is also Man vs. Self. All while doing what was previously mentioned, Penny has trouble finding out who she really is. She questions who she is because of her ITP. She isn't sure if she's fragile, like everyone thinks she is, or if she is truly stronger than that.

Precept Quote:

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

-Christopher Robin

Favorite Quote:

"...hope was a fragile thing that would break far too easily." -pg. 13
Trouble (Lyrics) - Halsey

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