Challenges of Presidents

The challenges of being an early U.S. president

Major Conflicts that Presidents Faced

These events made it difficult to be an early U.S. President because they had less experiences with war and training. When France and Great Britain started at war they had began seizing American ships. In 1809 James Madison's offer with France and Great Britain was that if they cease their attacks on American ships then they'll stop trading with their enemy. Jefferson's embargo was a solution to the problems with foreign countries because they kept foreign ships from entering the U.S. and American ships from leaving. Lastly in 1811, there was a war between the Shawnee warriors and the militia force of Indiana governor William Henry Harrison and Harrison won. They had fought because the Indians were in their land. The presidents had wanted so much for their country, especially to be free, but that was really hard back then with all of the wars and little experience that they had with things that they have a lot more with today.

President and Vice-President

There's always been a president and then the vice-president, but things hadn't always been easy between the two. There were always some type of difficulty, but one that had been fixed was the ballets for them. When the 12th amendment had been passed it had said that they had to make separate ballets for the president and vice-president.

First Three Presidents:


Jefferson and Burr tied in the election (they were both Republicans) and Hamilton decided that Jefferson was more safe and more trustworthy. The reason why he thought that was because Jefferson had been Vice President while John Adams was president. Burr was then one of the Vice President while Jefferson was President. The other Vice President was George Clinton.

African Americans

By around the 1800's the African Americans were free from slavery but they still did not have complete freedom. They were still not treated completely equal. They were not treated like they were people. They were treated as pieces of property rather than people by the white men and women. They were not respected. They had to use different water fountains than white people along with they had to go to different schools than white boys and girls. They also had to sit in the back of the bus because they were not "as good as" other white people.