Hediard Ground Coffee

Made in France

Coffee beans traveled around the world but appeared in France in 1669, during the reign of Louis XIV. From the first “beverage shops” which opened within twenty years to the “cafés” which are now institutions, the beverage and the establishments are all tied to Paris history, to its fame and its charm. It is a full-bodied, structured coffee with strong flavour, a long finish and notes of candied fruit. The coffee is made by blending Arabica crus from Burundi, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. It is grounded to medium course and used in Drip Grinds and French Press coffee makers. Hédiard coffees benefit from slow roasting, enabling the flavour and taste of the coffee to fully develop. The blend is aromatic and balanced, reminiscent of hazelnut and cocoa.

  • Dark Roast.
  • Best for consumption before end of 12/2010
  • Caffeine level: 1.36%