Mixon's Memos

January, 2016

RQI Question Formulation Technique Continued....

Last month in Mixon's Memos I mentioned RQI and now I want to continue that thought! Let's first dive into what RQI stands for- Right Question Institute. As we continue to improve our questioning skills both as teachers and in our students, we want to "Make Just One Change": Teach our students to Ask Their Own Questions! There is an Art and Science to the Question Formulation Technique. It is an art because you are drawing on your knowledge and honed skills that allow you to creatively facilitate a range of learning experiences. It is a science because you are using a protocol.

The protocol for the Right Question Formulation Technique is:

*Producing Your Own Questions

*Improving Your Questions

*Prioritizing Your Questions

When Producing your own questions there are 4 essential rules-

~Ask as many questions as you can

~Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer the questions

~Write down every question exactly as it is stated

~Change any statement into a question

When Improving your questions categorize them as closed - or open-ended-

~Closed-ended are those questions that can be answered with a Yes or No or with One word.

~Open-ended are the questions that require an explanation and cannot be answered with yes, no or one word.

Once you have categorized your questions, change them from one type to another- closed to open and vise-versa.

When Prioritizing your questions choose your three most important questions. Then ask yourself why you choose those 3 questions as the most important questions.

Next Steps - How are you going to use your questions???

I would love to try this with you! Let me know when we can do this together!!!! If you want more details just give me a holler.

January Happenings

Jan. 5th- Fire Drill/ Science Modules due in the hallway after school/1st grd Planning Day

Jan. 6th- 4th grd Planning Day/ Science Modules picked up in the morning

Jan. 7th- PLCs/ Kinder Planning Day

Jan. 8th- 3rd-5th grd Science Assessments due in AWARE

Jan. 11th - K-2 TPRI window opens/ T2 mtgs for 2nd and 3rd grd

Jan. 12th- 3rd grd Planning Day/ T2 mtgs for Kinder, 4th and 5th grds

Jan. 13th- 5th grd Planning Day/ Science modules delivered/ Leadership mtg after school

Jan. 14th- PLCs/ 2nd grd Planning Day/ Spelling Bee

Jan. 15th- Tracey @ IC mtg./ DRA cards due/ End of the 2nd 9 wks

Jan. 18th - No School if your Summer hours were met

Jan. 19th - T2 mtg 1st grd/ Lockdown drill

Jan. 20th - Report cards and Parent Reports go home/ Faculty mtg./ Math-Homework Night

Jan. 21st- PLCs with Keith in Tracey's room

Jan. 22nd- Tracey @ ECT mtg./

Jan. 25th- Kinder and 1st grd Math Check Up 2 window opens/ TPRI data due in AWARE

Jan. 26th- Bad Weather Drill/ Tier 3 mtg

Jan. 27th- Writing PD with Dianna Simons in library at 3:10

Jan. 28th- PLCs

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