DSIL #SOCENT Fireside Chat Series

DSIL VC Session 16 | THURSDAY | 12 November @ 11am Bangkok

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Mario Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO, WEDU; Acumen Global Fellow

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Session Overview

About the The "#SOCENT Fireside Chat" series: These VC sessions runs throughout the month of November. Get ready to learn from entrepreneurs who have founded human rights, environmental and education outfits, are scaling incubators and launching tech products! Learn from their personal journey and top lessons learned in the trenches.


  • Derek Sivers' TED Talk: 'How to Start a Movement' (video below)
  • Ken Robinson's TED Talk: 'Changing Education Paradigms' (video below)
Derek Sivers' TED Talk: "How to Start a Movement'
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Nerd Out!

  • 'Letters from Birmingham Jail'; ML King (1963)
  • Simon Sinek's Ted Talk: 'How great leaders inspire action'(video below)
  • Jackson Katz's Ted Talk: Violence against women—it's a men's issue (video below)
  • Case Examples of Reframing Challenge into Opportunity (videos below):
1- Neighborhood Film Company (USA), 'Our Story'
2- Rags to Riches (PHILIPPINES), 'Filipino Women Turning Rags into High Fashion'

3- Tegu (HONDURAS), 'Tegu'

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it's a men's issue

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Speaker Profile

Mario Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO, WEDU; Acumen Global Fellow

Co-Founder and CEO, brings innovation and experience in social entrepreneurship. He is a former Senior Advisor for Energy Investments for Greenpeace and a former Senior Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Advisory as well as Acumen Fellow. Previously he worked on in the post-disaster relief effort after the earthquake on January 2010 in Haiti and trade promotion from small medium enterprises working in China. He holds a Master in Economics and Management from University La Sapienza and a MSc in Development Management, from the LSE. He has been studying and working in Italy, Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Haiti, India, United States, Cambodia and Thailand.

About Wedu

Wedu unlocks the leadership potential of women by providing inspiring mentorship and affordable finance to complete higher education. Wedu invests in leaders providing advice together with funds and call their mentees Rising Stars. They strive to create the best conditions for the Rising Stars to be successful, so they can achieve their leadership potential, change entire societies and reinvest their future incomes in other students. Wedu's model follows a leadership lifecycle starting with higher education. They reach out to students, assist them with the application process for university, connect them to mentors and networks that can help them achieve their full potential and, when required, provide financial support to complete their higher education. Wedu also cultivates a network of people who want to make change happen. They call these people 'Education Angels'. Anyone can become an Angel by providing capital or mentorship to students. Angels choose the combination of social and financial investment that they prefer: from mentorship, to full scholarship to a quasi-equity investment. See more here.

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