Unprivileged Children

All kids should be able to play sports

United States

In the United States, sports is a large part of our culture.In fact, the most watched television event is the Super-Bowl with 111 million viewers. Also here in the United States, 35 million children grow up playing sports.

Professional Sports racial Breakdown

In our American Professional Sports, we have a large portion of foreign players. The NBA is 80% African American, the MLB is 35% Latino, and the NFL is 70% African American. If we could help out children in other countries, we could not only be doing an act of kindness, we could be creating the next generation of superstar athletes.

Racial Breakdown of professional sports

Everyone Deserves a shot


Every single child growing up should be given the opportunity to play, and be successful through sports. A single football could make a difference, how hard is it for you to send a little donation that will make a worlds of difference to some.


As you are already aware of, a large amount of our proffesional sports players of from other countries. A large amount are not born in America. Throughout the world, so much hidden talent is not being used and it is waiting to be discovered. Even if a child isn't on track to be the best, sports is still fun and a great way to grow up and meet new people. Help children grow up while possibly even discovering the next Kyrie Irving or Alex rios.