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January 7, 2016

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Current 8th Grade Students - McMillen High School Expo Date & Info

Dear 8th Grade Parents:

In preparing for transition to high school, McMillen High School would like to invite you and your student to our High School Expo on January 14th from 6:30-7:45. You and your student will have an opportunity to meet with students and staff to ask questions about student life, honors, Pre-Advance Placement courses, band, cheerleading, dance and athletics. We will have a panel of our student ambassadors on hand to answer any question about McMillen from a student’s perspective. Festivities will also include:

1. Building tours

2. Spirit-wear shopping

3. Performances by the McMillen Band, Choir, Cheerleaders and Dazzlers

4. A chance to tour the building some teachers, counselors and staff

5. A great venue for fellowshipping with our McMillen families

We hope that you and your family enjoy your holiday break and we look forward to seeing you on January 14, 2016.


Brian Lyons, Principal

Murphy Middle School Events & Information

AVID's College Week - Begins on Monday, January 11. See information below regarding DRESS-UP DAYS!!!!

PTA Parent Program Following PTA Meeting - Tuesday, January 12 in the MMS Cafeteria. General PTA meeting at 6:30 followed by Parent Program at 7:00. (See the PTA portion of this eNews for details about this amazing Parent Program! Flier also attached to eNews email.)

McMillen's High School Expo - Thursday, January 14 from 6:30 - 7:45 at McMillen High School

Athletic Events - January

Admission cost for athletic events is $2 for students and $4 for adults. Please help out our ticket takers by bringing small bills.

7th Grade Girls Basketball (6:00 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Thursday, 1/7 vs. Robinson at MMS

Thursday, 1/14 vs. Rice at Rice

Thursday, January 21 vs. Schimelpfenig at MMS

Thursday, 1/28 vs. Renner at MMS

7th Grade Boys Basketball (6:00 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Thursday, 1/7 vs. Robinson at Robinson

Thursday, 1/14 vs. Rice at MMS

Thursday, January 21 vs. Schimelpfenig at Schimelpfenig

Thursday, 1/28 vs. Renner at Renner

8th Grade Girls Basketball (6:00 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Monday, 1/11 vs. Rice at Rice

Tuesday, 1/19 vs. Schimelpfenig at MMS

Monday, 1/25 vs. Renner at MMS

8th Grade Boys Basketball (6:00 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Monday, 1/11 vs. Rice at MMS

Tuesday, 1/19 vs. Schimelpfenig at Schimelpfenig

Monday, 1/25 vs. Renner at Renner

Corrected Reflections Results – District Level

Before the winter break, we published an incomplete list of winners for the District Level of the Reflections Competition and left off both Jasmine Le & Sofia Al-Hennawi. We apologize to these winners for the oversight.

Congratulations to the following Murphy Students for their awards at the district level of the PTA reflections competition!

Dance Choreography

Riley Wilburn – 6th Grade – Award of Merit

Film Production

Carole Walker – Grade 6 – Honorable Mention


Elena Hamlin – Grade 8 – Award of Merit

Raishma Kazi – Grade 8 – Award of Merit

Katherine Creevy – Grade 8 – Honorable Mention

Madelyn Osborne – Grade 8 – Honorable Mention

Music Composition

Noah Henson – 8th Grade – Honorable Mention


Hailey Baldwin – Grade 8 – Award of Excellence

Jasmine Le - Grade 8 - Award of Merit

Sofia Al-Hennawi - Grade 8 - Honorable Mention

Alex Dauenbaugh – Grade 8 – Honorable Mention

Visual Arts

Nitya Lohia – Grade 8 – Award of Excellence

Shruti Rajamani – Grade 7 – Award of Excellence

Athletics Information for NEXT School Year


If your 6th grade daughter is interested in starting out the year in athletics next year, she must complete the 3 day workout that will be offered during PE time on Monday, January 11 through Wednesday, January 13th. She mus also complete the application and have it turned back in to the coaching staff by Friday, January 15th. Starting the season in the athletic program does not guarantee a spot on one of our teams; they are simply signing up for a more vigorous workout to get them quicker, stronger and ready for the upcoming sports that are offered at Murphy. Students do not have to be in athletic class to try out for the volleyball, basketball, track or cross country teams. If a student does make the volleyball or basketball team and they are not in the athletic class then they will receive a schedule change.

Any 7th grade girl who would like to sign up for athletics can as long as they were on the volleyball or basketball team. This does not guarantee anyone a spot on the team. It does give them the opportunity to have a more vigorous workout.


Any 7th or 8th grade student who would like to sign up for football can check athletics on their schedule form for next year. If they are not interested in signing up for football then your student will not check the athletic box on the sign up form. If your students is interested in playing basketball, they will try out for basketball next November. If they make the basketball team, their schedules will be changed into athletics. If they are interested in running track or cross country, they do not have to be in the athletic class. They will have the opportunity to practice before school in March and April next year.

PE Clothes

If you would like to order more PE clothes, you can order them through our website at All orders must be in by January 15th. After January 15th, you will not be able to order uniforms through the website.

If you have any questions you can e-mail Coach Ragsdale at

FCA Information

FCA weekend of champions will be February 26-28th. Here is the link with all the information ( If you have any questions or your student is interested in going please contact Coach Ragsdale. Any Murphy Middle School student is welcome to join us. FCA will meet next Tuesday morning in the small gym from 7:45-8:20.

Current 6th Grade Students - Immunizations Needed For 7th Grade Entry

Dear 6th Grade Parent,

I want to make you aware of some additional immunizations that will be required in the 2016-2017 school year for 7th grade entry.

The changes will amend 25 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 97, Subchapter B, §§97.61; 97.63-97.72. Following are the immunizations that will be affected:

· Meningococcal Vaccine (One dose required)

· Varicella Vaccine (Two doses required (or verification of disease)

· Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids and acellular pertussis) Booster dose required (within last 5 years)

Proof of these immunizations will be required to begin school for the 2016-2017 school year. Please check your child’s immunization records now and provide your school nurse proof of immunization as soon as the vaccine is received as this will provide faster service for your student’s schedule release. To view a copy of your child’s immunization record as currently on file with the school, please go to

If you have questions or concerns, I recommend discussing these with your physician. The school nurse at your campus will be able to provide you with a list of locations where you can receive these immunizations.

For further assistance, please contact the school nurse at your campus or visit for more information.

Thank you,

Megan Schuler RN, BSN

Director for District Health

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NEHS & NJHS Selection Letters

Sixth and seventh grade students and parents be on the look out for NEHS and NJHS selection letters. These will be delivered to students' English classes by January 15th.

For many students, selection as a member of NEHS and NJHS is the pinnacle of their achievement in school. This honor, recognized throughout the nation, is both the public recognition of accomplishment and the private commitment to continued excellence on the part of the new member. Because of the importance placed upon this aspect of secondary school life local chapter are charged with creating a selection process that conforms to national guidelines, is applied fairly and consistently to all candidates, and provides a meaningful recognition of deserving students.

Selection to NEHS and NJHS is a privilege, not a right. Students do not apply for membership in NEHS and NJHS; instead, they provide information to be used by the local selection committee to support their candidacy for membership. NEHS and NJHS are more than just an honor roll and membership in both is attained through the successful demonstration of responsibility, respect, service, and leadership. Membership is granted only to those students selected by the Faculty Council. This is not an election, nor is membership automatically conveyed simply because a student has achieved a specified level of academic performance.

Selection guidelines: 95 or higher cumulative GPA for NEHS (1st semester 6th grade). 92 or higher cumulative GPA for NJHS (6th grade + 1st semester 7th grade).

The MMS Faculty Council considers teacher recommendations, citizenship, character, responsibility, leadership, and community service when granting membership to candidates.

Homework Hot Spot

Murphy’s Homework Hot Spot is here to serve your student. We created this area because we want students to have a teacher supervised area where they have teacher assistance, peer assistance (provided by Murphy NJHS students), or simply a quiet place to finish up homework before their day begins.

The Homework Hot Spot (HHS) is available every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 7:50 – 8:20 in Mrs. Feil’s room D 111. We will be limiting the number of students coming in for assistance, so come early. See you there!

American Mathematics Competition

Do you have a strong math student that needs to be challenged? If so, consider the AMC 10! The American Mathematics Competition is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with algebraic and geometric concepts, so NO calculators are needed. The test will be proctored during 6th and 7th periods on Wednesday, February 17.

If your student is interested in sitting for this test, contracts are available in the counseling office. Hurry, contracts require parent signatures and are due by Friday, January 15, 2016!

Plano East Golden Girls Dance Clinic 2016

Plano East Golden Girls Dance Clinic 2016 is being held on Saturday, January 23rd 1:30p.m.-4:00p.m.

In the Plano East Senior High Gym for ages Kindergarten through 11th grade

Cost for the event is $30.00 Per Child

Price includes: Clinic T-Shirt, Snack & Bottled Water, Learn 1 Pop Dance, performance opportunity at the end of the Clinic!!!!

Forms are outside Mrs. Pierce’s room F101 in the 6th grade hall. Mrs. Pierce can answer any questions you have and you can also turn your forms into her.

Soccer Club Registration Now Open!

Team and individual player registration is now open!

Use Google Classroom code nxy9sr to view the Club newsfeed and fill out online registration forms (Word docs are available for printing).

All teams and/or players must submit the following by Friday January 8th to Mrs. Isbell (K103) or Mr. Murtaugh (B129):

· Team or individual application (online or paper)

· Permission form signed (paper only)

· Registration fee ($20 team or $2 individual player)

8 v 8 Games on Fridays beginning January 22nd!

Grit and the Power of YET!

In order to demonstrate to students the Power of Yet, to encourage them to try again when they struggle, and to develop their grit, teachers will start adding the phrase “Power of Yet Tutorial (with the date and time of the tutorial)” on graded assignments when students are able to make another attempt at mastery. Teachers will also explain this change in grading communication so that students understand the meaning and purpose of “Power of Yet Tutorials.”

6th grade Science Fair (Student Handbook Attached to eNews email)

The MMS building fair is fast approaching. All projects are due in the library Tuesday morning, January 12th. If any parents are interested in judging on Wednesday, January 13th, please contact Mrs. Pilgrim by email. Thanks so much.

The Student Handbook for the Science Fair is attached to the original eNews email.

PACE Testing

Spring PACE testing referral packets are now available in the front office or through the website,

All referral packets are due by January 13th to Mr. Matisoff in N101. PACE testing at MMS will occur on February 29th for all students. Students should currently be in or plan on taking at least one honor’s class before deciding to test. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Matisoff, Murphy’s PACE Specialist.

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PTA News & Updates

Important Dates:

January 8th - Deadline to contribute a gift card for people affected by the recent Tornados

January 12th - General PTA Meeting at 6:30

January 12th - Parent’s Program 7:00

January 14th - Chick Fil-A Spirit Night

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PTA Parent Program on January 12

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Reflections Results

Nitya Lohia - Visual Art - Award of Excellence

Shruti Rajamani - Visual Art - Award of Excellence

Raishma Kazi - Literature - Award of Merit

Katherine Creevy - Literature - Honorable Mention

Madelyn Osborne - Literature - Honorable Mention

Elena Hamlin - Literature - Award of Merit

Hailey Baldwin - Photography - Award of Excellence

Jasmine Le - Photography - Award of Merit

Sofia Al-Hennawi - Photography - Honorable Mention

Alex Dauenbaugh - Photography - Honorable Mention

Noah Henson - Music - Honorable Mention

Carole Walker - Film - Honorable Mention

Riley Wilburn - Dance - Award of Merit

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Murphy Middle School PTA Community Partners 2015-2016

Please remember our generous sponsors when shopping for services or supplies!!

Platinum Level Sponsor

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Gold Level Sponsors

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Silver Level Sponsors

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Bronze Level Sponsors

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