Employability Soft Skills

Lauren Ingersoll


Honesty is a skill that is needed to succeed when working with coworkers and customers. Honesty allows for other people to trust and have confidence in you. When an employee is honest with themselves about tasks they've completed, expectations, and keeping promises it results in integrity.


Dependability is a skill that everyone should work on. If a person is dependable, they will get more orotundities because people with trust them to do bigger and better things. Being dependable means to be on time and produce quality consistent work. If an employer can count on you to always do great work then you are most likely a dependable person.

Time Management

Time management means to use your time wisely. You should prioritize your tasks according to what needs to get done first. Also, you can't be afraid to multitask. Sometimes you will be forced to work on and worry about multiple things at once. Time management can increase efficiency and production.