The Measles Virus

By Tiona Bailey and Jaquavion Latham

Tiona Bailey

The author and creator of this flyer. She is a writer, an artist, a songwriter, and an animator. She tries her best at these things, even if she isn't very good at some of them (ANIMATION. UGH).

Jaquavion Latham.

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Measles Vaccination

Basic Information

  1. The measles is a virus. It is usually found in larger numbers in Africa, and some parts of Asia, too. (Source five)
  2. The symptoms are usually a runny nose, a fever, and later, large red spots with white-ish middles. (Source one)
  3. It usually takes seven to twenty one days for these symptoms to show up.
  4. It is transmitted through airborne respiratory droplets.(Source one)
  5. About 197,000 people die from the measles virus every year, mostly in developing countries.(Source two)
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The best way to PREVENT Measles is to get a vaccine, preferably while young. There is not a treatment that can get rid of the measles.

  • But there IS the chance of getting a vaccine within 72 hours of being infected. This is called the post-exposure vaccine.
  • The immune serum globulin is an injection of proteins(antibodies) for pregnant humans, infants(young human spawn), and people with weak immune systems who are exposed to the measles virus. Within six days of infection, this shot can help prevent the measles or make symptoms less severe.
There can also be medications to make the disease more comfortable and less unbearable, like these:
  • Fever reducers are over the counter drugs that can, like the name explains, reduce the fever that comes with the measles.
  • Antibiotics can be used if a bacterial infection forms while the person is infected with measles. A doctor may prescribe some if needed.
  • Vitamin A. People with a vitamin A deficiency are more likely to have a more severe case of measles. Taking the vitamin in some form can lessen the severity of the virus.
Measles Outbreak: Everything You Need to Know in 90 Seconds


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