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Keeping Coaches in the Know 12/04/2015

Building capacity in ourselves and others to positively impact student achievement

We are a professional learning community ensuring high levels of continuous learning for ALL!


Professional Learning

Please encourage your grade level representative to register for our grade level professional learning. Teachers will need to bring their cluster 4 planner, (5) completed cluster pre-assessments, and a technology device.

Extra Lucy Calkins Writing K-2 and 3-5 Kits

We have some older versions of Lucy Calkins writing kits. We have a total of (15) K-2 kits and (6) 3-5 kits. Please click the button above and indicate if you have a need.

Last IC Meeting for 2015

December 10th: Child Nutrition Center (on Rolater).

Please bring the following:

  • Scarf Exchange: If you would like to participate, we will have a scarf exchange. Just bring it wrapped or in a bag.

  • Evidence of learning through the process standards lens: As the coordinators have been visiting classrooms, we have observed students learning content through the process standards-YAY!! So to share all the great thinking that's happening across our district, please bring an artifact of evidence (example picture below)

  • Learning by Doing book
  • IC Handbook

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  • BASE 10 Transparent Connecting Manipulative: An order of transparent connecting base 10 blocks from last spring has finally made it to us. These were ordered for classrooms in the upper grades for area models with operations and will be delivered this week.

  • Curriculum Update: We are busy working on curriculum for Cluster 3 and will have it posted when it's complete. The planners and CBAs are posted which can be used for backwards planning.
  • As last year, we will not have a 4th or 5th grade math simulation. Teachers should be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction. 3rd grade CBA 4 is cumulative (lengthy like the STAAR) and will serve as a simulation. 3rd grade should also be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction throughout the year.