September 16-22

News for the Week

9/16: MAP

2:00 PBIS Tier 2

3:15 BLT

9/17: MAP

Rachel's Challenge: 5th and 6th....BE ready to board the bus at 9:00.

SPED Meetings

9/18: MAP

8:05 PBIS Professional Development

9/19: MAP

6:30 Rachel's Challenge Community Event

9/20: MAP

Coming Events:

9/25: Special Person's Day

9/26: Taffy Apple Sale Launch


Evergreen Park Foundation Walk-a-thon 1:00-3:00

6:00 Dist. 124 Family Fall Fitness Fest at CJHS

Mid-Quarter Reports

9/27: All students in 3rd-6th grade will receive a Mid-Quarter Report. These reports must be printed by 9/23. This will allow us time should we find a glitch in the Gradebook system.

K-2: Parent contact should be made for any student who is currently earning an "I" in any subject. It is important that we keep parents informed, so if you have a student that is demonstrating difficulty, please contact the parent and give suggestions on ways to assist their child at home.

Change in Lunch

Beginning 9/16 3rd grade will be eating lunch with 4th-6th grade. Hopefully this will allow us to give more structure to K-2nd grade.

-Zones will be created outside. Each grade level will have assigned areas on the playground. We will rotate these areas so that each grade level has equal access to the kickball area.

11:00 Monday: I would like to meet with any available person who supervises lunch/recess.

Parent Volunteer: This year I have recruited a few parent volunteers to assist with recess duty. This will occur mainly on Fridays. They are Mr. and Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. O'Malley. We do not have as many teachers wanting to do recess duty this year and these parents will help with supervision.

NO CHEESE SANDWICHES- Students who do not have enough money in their account will still get the lunch they ordered. They will then be billed for their lunch. Cheese sandwiches will no longer be available.

October 4th PBIS School-wide Celebration

Our school-wide celebration for October 4th is Wii Dance!!

In order for this celebration to occur the students must earn 1450 tickets!

To assist with celebrations and increase parent involvement, each celebration will have a grade level parent volunteer sponsor. For this first celebration, we are asking SECOND grade to recommend a parent volunteer.