Illegal Logging In The Amazon

100 soccer fields of trees are cut down hourly in the Amazon

Illegal Logging Definition

Illegal logging is the harvest, transportation, purchase or sale of timber in violation of laws.

Effects of Illegal Logging

The Environment: Effects on the health of the Earth include the loss or insulting/worsening of forests, as illegal logging tends to be connected with poor forest management. This can result in the loss of homes/places where things live and lots of different living things all existing together. For example, illegal logging is threatening the survival of some of the world's most in danger of disappearing forever monkeys, apes, etc. , including orangutans in Indonesia and the Siberian tiger.

The Animals: Effects on the animals is greatly worrying as they are loosing their homes, shelter, food, etc.. they are fighting back against the loggers and are coming off second best this means that they are being harmed and are adapting to having to attack humans as a food source.

The Indigenous Tribes: The effects on the Indigenous Tribes are the most un-thought of the effects. They are being forced off there sacred lands and are willing to risk their own lives for the survival of the young and the women as they are the future of the cultures and traditions of the "Forest People". They are constantly coming to blows with the illegal loggers and are thus having to fight for every blade of grass and every twig on the ground.

What can the Government do to stop this?

My question is can they? The only way that I can see the government changing things is by using force around the whole basin of the Amazon. Which will probably go badly for the leader considering the amount of illegal companies.
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What can I do to stop it?

If I stop buying these Products made from rainforest Flora and Fauna I'm just one person in this world it would take nothing less then a miracle to stop illegal logging.. My question to you is.. Are you willing to help me help the Earth/Environment our Environment
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By Sam Pearson