Raspberry Pi Media center

How To Make A Media Server By Chris Colegate

To Start Set Up The Pi

Raspberry Pi - Unboxing, setting up and first use
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Media Server

The first thing you need to do when you get your Raspberry Pi is to format and install your chosen OS onto an SD card. I use Boot Berry because it is easier to install (drag and drop the files) and because I can have Raspbian and XBMC installed without having to swap out the SD card. Once you have you have the OS on your SD card connect your raspberry pi to a display with the HDMI or the RAC port, then plug a keyboard and mouse in or a usb hub if you want a wifi dongle too. If you want to connect your pi to the web (Radio, Netflix) you will need a wifi dongle or an Ethernet connection.

Now connect your power with the micro USB (See picture)

the first time XBMC boots up it will take a while creating all the start up files. Once the start up is complete plug in any USB drives (they will appear in with your with your /media/usb )with your media on and use the pi as you wish! play about with setting and plugins. Once booted up the gui should look like this:

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