Historic High Country

By: Jaime Diasselliss & Drew Esposito


As a major settlement for Native Americans, a lot of historical sites are scattered across the rolling hills and rippling waterways of the Historic High Country. Its nickname is "the enchanted land". Comprised of 17 counties, this region offers a cross section of things to see and do.

Day 1

Today, we welcome you to the Historic High Country. Monday's tour will begin around noon with a visit to Lookout Mountain. Then, lunch at Canyon Grill atop of Lookout Mountain. Followed by checking in at Days Inn Trenton. Afterwards, your tour will continue with visiting the Historic High Country Ranch Preservation. Dinner will be served at Jo Mama Wraps. Your tour will conclude at around 7 PM and you can return to your hotel.

Historic High Country Ranch Preservation

Two centuries ago, people came to the West with dreams of starting their own ranch, and a chance to live freely. Today, many of the original farms and ranches are gone, but the spirit of independence remains in the western life and culture. With the cooperation of valuable partnership organizations. The US Forest Service is working hard to restore, preserve, protect, and ultimately make forests available for public use.

Lookout Mountain

Located at the northwest corner of the U.S. state of Georgia. Lookout Mountain was the scene of the "Last Battle of the Cherokees" during the Nickajack Expedition which took place in the 18th century. As well as the November 24, 1863, Battle of Lookout Mountain during the American Civil War.

Rock City (Natural Feature)

Located atop Lookout Mountain, six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens with more than 400 different native plant species, and panoramic views 1,700 feet above sea level. Rock City's Enchanted Trail includes a 100-foot waterfall and Swing-A-Long bridge. Also on-site are Starbucks, Big Rock Grill, Rock City Pavilion, Critter Classroom, Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village. Special events occur year-round.

Day 2

Tuesday's tour begins with breakfast at Big Dang Biscuits and Burgers. Followed by a tour of the Cherokee's former capital, Calhoun. You will be seeing the first Confederate cemetery and a Civil War battle at the Battle of Resaca Civil War Reenactment. Afterwards, you will check-in to the Baymont Inn & Suites, then go to Fork In The Road Diner for a late lunch. After eating, you will travel to the Paradise Drag Strip to watch some drag racing. And for dinner, Duke's Wings and Seafood. Then it's off to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

First Confederate Cemetery (Historical Event)

The burial place of over 450 confederate soldiers who died during the American Civil War. This cemetery is for the soldiers that fought in the Battle of Resaca (May 14 and 15, 1864). There are only three graves where the death date is May 15, 1864. The remaining graves are listed as May 14, 1864. Many soldiers were identified but there are still 424 graves marked "unknown".

Paradise Drag Strip

Built in 1961 from an abandoned cotton field. It used to be a 1/4 mile track, but it was eventually scaled back to an 1/8 mile track.

Day 3

Wednesday's tour starts off with check-out and breakfast at Sunny Side Cafe in Carrollton. After breakfast, you will be heading to Snake Creek to fly fish and afterwards, horseback riding at McIntosh Reserve Park. For lunch, try Highland Deli and Grill. Zip-lining at Screaming Eagle is our next stop. And to finish off your day, go relax at the beach at John Tanner State Park. After a long day, you'll be dining at LIttle Hawaiian Seafood Grill & TIKI Lounge and then checking into the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites.

Screaming Eagle

Georgia now has the largest zip line in the world. 45 minutes from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, Screaming Eagle zip lining features more than 9 miles of course in the trees. With courses as high as 3,400-feet, you can;t be scared of heights. Half-mile long ziplines and a Sky Trek bridge at 600 feet long and 190 feet high. There's also a 100-foot free fall off course (Power Tower).

McIntosh Reserve Park

McIntosh Reserve Park is open year round (except for a few holidays). Hikers, campers, kayakers, horseback riders, and history nuts will all find something cool here. The river is beautiful in this particular location as well.

Day 4

Thursday's tour will begin with brunch at Audry's Neighborhood Cafe. Afterwards, you'll travel to the Silver Comet trail to bike along beautiful paved paths. Then, shopping and entertainment at the Dallas Theater. As for lunch, dine at Baby Jane's Home Cooking. After lunch, the Pickett's Mill State Historic Site awaits you. Next, check-in to you hotel, Sleep Inn & Suites for a peaceful night.

Dallas Theater

Opened in 1927, the original theater was named the "Strand Theater". Burned down in March of 1948. It was enlarged when rebuilt and reopened in October of 1948 and now seats 700 people.

Silver Comet Trail

A rail trail that's named for the Silver Comet passenger train that used the same route from 1947 to 1969.

Day 5

Friday, your last day, will start off by eating breakfast at Mornin' Glory and then you're off to Dowdy Park for some fun. Afterwards, lunch will be served at Jim's Family Restaurant. The Rattling Gourd Arts Festival is awaiting. Your next stop is dinner at Pop's Buffet House. After dinner, you will check into the Coach Inn.

Dowdy Park

A very active area in Summerville, Georgia. The park plays host to many events throughout the year. Dowdy Park holds many historical stories and facts, time periods ranging from the 19th century up until the first decade of the 21st century.










Rattling Gourd Arts Festival

A joined show of arts and crafts. Named for a Native American resident of this area before it became Chattooga County, this festival honors a rich tradition of creativity and appreciation of the arts and artists in this and nearby communities.

More Information

Unique Town

Jasper, GA. Jasper is Georgia's marble capital. Look out for that pale pink marble, because it's true Georgia marble!

Special Restaurant

Red Door Cafe located in Calhoun, GA.

Noted Menu Items Include:

* Patty Melt

* BBQ Sauce

Biography - Martha Berry

Martha Berry - founder of Berry College

Interesting Plant

The Serenberry thrives in the Historic High Country.