Just 4 More Months!!!!

***Your Last Push To Graduation***

Graduation Requirements!

Now that we are in the 2nd semester of your senior year, I don't want any of you to lose sight of the prize. Your high school diploma! Remember that these are the requirements for graduation:

4 English credits

4 Mathematics credits

3 Science credits

3 Social Studies credits

2 Arts/Humanities credits

1 PE credit

1/2 Health credit

7 1/2 elective credits

20 hours of community service

If you do not meet these requirements you will not receive your diploma at graduation.

Do What You Need To Do!

Class of 2018! That's you, all of you. You are the class of 2018! You've made progress toward graduation all along or you wouldn't be a member of this class. Don't let graduation happen without you!

  • COME TO SCHOOL! I promise you, attendance matters. When you aren't in school, you miss out on so much. Those seniors moments, important information about graduation and most importantly lessons that not only will matter toward in calculating your grades and credits toward graduation but also will prepare you for life beyond high school whether in the workplace or higher education.
  • DO YOUR WORK! We know it is the second half of senior year but don't stop now. Some of you have already begun the senior spring slide and it's too early! If you do not meet success in the courses you need for graduation, you will not graduate! Remember, even the courses that you don't "need" to graduate become of your permanent record for future employers and colleges to see. Finish strong so your transcript will represent to them who you were as a student at Lakeland.
  • PARTICIPATE! First, don't be foolish, participate in your classes. Seriously, don't be the one who doesn't graduate because you didn't participate in PE! Second, there are so many wonderful events that will begin to fill your spring. Picnics, proms, senior walk, class night, graduation etc. Jump into them all. Create memories!

Community Service Hours

The Lakeland School District requires all students to complete 20 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. This is for students in grades 9-12. Students who complete 8th grade may begin to accumulate their hours in the summer before 9th grade. You have had the opportunity to do this all along. Many seniors have told me that they have done the hours but have not yet turned in the documentation. What are you waiting form. Don't make me hunt you down!!!! Just get it in! For your convenience, I have included the hours documentation form below.

Service Ideas

There are so many service opportunities in our community. . Frequently parents, grandparents, other family members or even neighbors are involved in service organizations and may be able to assist our students in earning their hours. Scouts, churches, fire companies, and youth sports are great places for our students to volunteer. Here are a few ideas.

  • Youth baseball/softball season is coming up and I know that organizers will be looking for able bodied individuals to assist with field and facility cleanup.
  • You could assistant coach or help out with a youth team.
  • The Easter season is coming and with it: Egg Hunts. Look for local service organizations that might be sponsoring one and offer your help!
  • Junior firefighters easily earn more than 20 hours very quickly!
  • Did you know that Mayfield has a Shade Tree Commission that contacts the school every year looking for some strong students to help clean up the community by raking leaves, removing dead foliage, spreading mulch etc.
  • Often local hospitals and nursing homes look for students to volunteer in their facilities.

Specific Opportunities

  • Jack Dougherty called asking if 6 to 10 students would be interested in helping clean up the Jermyn Little Field for their Community Service Hours.Here is his contact info jackdoc26@gmail.com cell 570-954-2020.
  • The Greenfield Township Recycling Center has contacted the counseling office seeking volunteers for the 1st/3rd Saturday each month (9-11:30 am). If you are interested, contact Paul Mancini at 201-312-2545

Do you have opportunities to provide?

Are you involved with an organization that needs volunteers? We'd love to hear from you so that we can pass those opportunities along to our students. Please don't hesitate to contact us. You'll find our contact information below.