The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Author: Suzanne Collins


In Catching Fire President Snow arranges the Quarter Quell and he decides that a boy and girl that are past victors should be in the reaping to participate again even though he stated that once you win you are free for the rest of your life. Katniss and Peeta are chosen again and they are secretly a part of a plan to escape. As the book goes on Finnick recieves messages from their sponsors that says a time and date that they will be rescued on.


Katniss: Main character , participating in the Quarter Quell representing District 12

Peeta: Also participating in Quarter Quell representing District 12, but is in love with Katniss


Haymitch: Katniss' & Peeta mentor during the games

Gale: One of katniss' close friends, he also is in love with Katniss

President Snow: The person who coordinates the games

Finnick Odair: He also participates & helps Katniss escape

Cinna: Personal designer for District 12

Do I Recommend This Book?

I do recommend this book because its interesting & it has other books to it that you can read