Michael Jordan

By: Noah Rihm

Early Life through College

On February 17 1963 Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn New York, a few years later he moved to North Carolina. As a sophomore in high school he was infamously cut from the varsity team only to dominate JV and in his next 2 years he dominated Varsity and was selected to the McDonald's All-American team. In college he played for North Carolina and won them a national championship against Georgetown.

Professional Carrer

In the 1984 draft the Chicago Bulls drafted Michael Jordan with their third pick. During his first season he won the rookie of the year and made the all star team. In his fourth season he won both the MVP and Defensive player of the year awards, however they were beat by the Detroit Piston "Bad Boys". Finally in the 1990-1991 NBA season when Jordan captured his first title he also got his second MVP award, he would go on to win two more rings the following two years. On October 3rd 1993 Michael Jordan announced his retirement. His father was killed earlier in the year and Jordan thought it was time to "hang em' up", he did however have a very unsuccessful baseball career. In 1995 Jordan returned to the NBA and 3-Peated for the second time in his career. He retired again in 1999 and finished his career with six rings. However Jordan came back one time to play for the wizards and did not play for long at all and than finally retired for real.

Impact on Society.

Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player to ever play the game and he owns one of the biggest clothes and shoe companies of all time. It is arguable that Jordan helped destroy the race barrier, a lot of kids white and black wanted to be like Mike. Michael Jordan also definitely made basketball very popular and brought the basketball culture all across America. There is no doubt that Jordan shoes and clothes are among the most popular clothing and shoe brands of today.