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Mrs. Struve's Third Grade Classroom

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Important Information

This week we continued reflecting on our work, setting goals, and thinking about our upcoming third quarter. Your child is bringing home their binder with them this week with their most recent "quarterly reflection" to hold a conference with you at home. Please read and review the reflection, keep it inside their binder, sign, and return to school by next Wednesday, January 20th.

Our most recent graded work came home inside students' clear folders today! Please review and contact me with any questions. All grades that went home were included in their 2nd quarter grades.

Other important papers to look out for inside their folders are a letter about an upcoming SEL survey students will participate in, and their Ozzie Reading form.

Our most recent book order went home too! Thank you for ordering books throughout the year. I earn bonus points for all orders, which I use for books for our library and instruction. Our class really appreciates it! Please make all orders by next Friday, January 22nd so I can authorize the order to be shipped to our school together. Thanks again!

Thank you for your ongoing support at home!

Area and Perimeter Investigation

We completed our Chapter 9 and Unit 3 tests in math this week. Students showcased their knowledge on multiplication, division, properties, and multi-step problems. We also started completing a new type of math warm up this week, focusing on strategies and test formatting for our upcoming PARCC test in March. We discussed how to read the questions, show our work, check our work, and strategies to solve the problems.

Next week we will further our investigation into the concepts of area and perimeter, solving problems applying this knowledge. Students are completing hands on activities in combination with paper calculations to have a better understanding of this concept.

ELA: Digging Deeper into Informational Text

We have started reading our new text, The Year of Miss Agnes, by Kirkpatrick Hill, and students are really enjoying it! The story takes place in remote Alaska in the late 1940's, and students attend school in a one room schoolhouse. We are applying our knowledge of character traits, feelings, and motivations to analyze the story events, make predictions, and hold discussions about the story.

In writing, scholars are identifying strong examples of words and phrases which create a feeling or emotion for the reader. Scholars are also identifying how both informational and fiction text could be used to write a new story. Examples include using information to create an introduction to a story, an event, or for the setting of a story.

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Scholar Scientists: Investigating the Human Body

Students have joined a cooperative group and started investigating an organ or system to teach their peers about. Students are following the same "close reading" format we did in class together on the digestive system, to read the article on their topic. Students will use gathered information from the article and other text to design a poster. Next, students will create an exciting introduction for their presentations, 3 questions to ask during the presentation, and a conclusion.

Cooperative groups provide students with opportunities to share ideas, learn to share responsibilities, and compromise. I have really enjoyed watching their cooperative group skills grow, and look forward to seeing their final products!

Scholars as Historians: Early Native Americans of Illinois

Students applied their knowledge of character traits and compare/contrast to investigate the Illinois and Athabascan tribes. We played a game where students worked cooperatively to identify connections between the Illinois and Athabascans. They had to find evidence in the text to support their answers, and work together as a team. We then created pictures describing important facts and connections. Look for them coming home in a couple weeks after they have been displayed on our wall.

Inner Explorer

I am very excited to share that we have started journaling on our daily practices! Ask your child how "belly breathing" can help them, and what the difference is between being tense and relaxed.

Important Dates Next Week

Monday, January 19th: No School

Wednesday, January 20th: STAR testing 1:15-2:00/ Binder Reflections are Due

Friday, January 23rd: STAR testing 10:35-11:15