Nuclear Fusion is not nonfiction!

The possibilities are endless

LabCorp discovers it all

I, Kevin Hogan, work for LabCorp as an energy scientist. We strive to find new ways to produce clean energy. Until recently, the possibilities of nuclear fusion had been limited due to cost. At LabCorp, we discovered a cost effective technique to produce energy from the sun using nuclear fusion.

Who? What? When? Where? and How?

The team of elite LabCorp scientists has worked tirelessly over the past two years, following leads and doing research. They have been working in a top-noch facility in Colorado to come up with a way to harness the immense power of nuclear fusion. After the two years, hopes were down until our lead scientist Yvonne Williams discovered the secret. He had been messing around with one last lead, halfheartedly shooting protons an neutrons at each other (small atomic nuclei) to create a larger compound. To his surprise, it worked! the team grabbed some take out and spent the entire night just trying it again and again. The group published their findings last night.

How it works

Nuclear Fusion creates energy by combining nuclei from atoms. Smaller, lighter atoms such as helium or hydrogen combine to form heavier elements. Protons and neutrons are shot at each other and combine to form bigger atoms than those from whence they came. The sun uses nuclear fusion to produce energy. Until recently, using nuclear fusion as a way to produce energy was extremely expensive; ever since LabCorp discovered a cost effective way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source, it's all the rage.

Safety Concerns versus economic opportunities

There are some safety concerns involved in the process. There are few safety problems, though the process requires a little refinement. The economic opportunities, on the other hand, are endless. Being able to produce clean energy at a constant rate would bring an energy revolution!

LabCorp Inc.

We are a lab devoted to helping leap the human race into the future! Our cutting edge technologies give us the best advantage to do top of the line research and to stay on the edge of the wave of progress.