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Questions that might change space explorations

How long would it take a spacecraft to get to the nearest galaxy?

Building a spacecraft can take a few days but traveling to another galaxy takes a very long time and even years! Traveling our galaxy is about 100,000 light years to travel through it and so it will take 200,000 light years to travel to another! So the distance from start to end in our solar system is about 117 billion miles. Also there are no physical boundaries in space since it has 8 planets. One reason why it takes a long time is because of the shuttles thrusters. Another is that you will need a lot of food and water and you have to live in the space shuttle. Also don't try this cause you won't live...
Here is a video of how big the solar system is...
How Big is the Solar System?

Future inventions

NASA is the company of space exploration and building space shuttles. Every year they invent new things to make space exploration easy and make life easier. Also they are trying to complete challenging achievements to make their company better. Here are their top 3 inventions and a few facts of how they work.

Every day, NASA's inventions are being used every day to make the world a better place

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What I have learn...

I've learned that traveling galaxy to galaxy isn't possible unless NASA develops a new invention that can make space shuttles faster up to 200 mph or more. Also I've learned that NASA will develop new things for us to explore space much easier and gather more information.
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