Ewing Klipspringer

By: Michael Neal

Bio Poem


Who is musical, electric, mysterious and passionate.

Brother of Hanna Klipspringer

Lover of music, dancing, and entertaining people.

Who feels happy when he hears music, lonely because he has no friends, and sad because he is poor.

Who needs music to keep him happy, Gatsby for a place to stay, and friends.

Who fears Gatsby, dogs, and people.

Who gives entertainment, excitement, and freedom.

Who would like to see Gatsby back with Daisy, everyone love music, and people enjoy his music.

Who is a resident of West Egg.


Symbol #1

The first symbol for Ewing i chose was the piano. The reason that I chose this symbol is because in the movie you can see Ewing playing the piano during Gatsby's party. Ewing looked like he was enjoying himself when he was playing so I think that this symbol resembles him very well.

Symbol #2

For symbol #2 I picked a pair of loafers. The reason that I chose the pair of shoes to be a symbol for Ewing is because after Gatsby dies he calls Nick and asks to get his shoes back. Ewing never asked about what happened to Gatsby or when the funeral was or anything. That shows that Ewing never really cared about Gatsby he just used his house to have fun and for somewhere to stay.


"I dont play well, I don't- I hardly play at all. I'm all out of prac-" Chapter 5 page 100

The reason that I chose this quote is because it talks about Ewing playing the piano and he thinks that he is not very good but everyone that hears his music thinks he is. Even thoe you can tell he is nervous to play for Gatsby and Daisy is because he doesn't think he is very good, but he does what Gatsby asks him too.