UCAS Update

April 30, 2021

Administrative message: Professional development addressing bias in the classroom

  • Each year, UCAS administration reviews the educator ethics standards with teachers and staff. Pertinent portions of the standards are then reviewed in-depth during the school year. As a response to recent events throughout the country, we recently had a good discussion with our faculty with regard to bias in the classroom. We talked about the importance of guiding students to form their own opinion in response to current events. It is important for teachers to acknowledge all sides of a topic, but then open the space for students to make their own conclusions. While some subjects may be sensitive, the classroom is an ideal space to have respectful conversations about possibly controversial subjects. As a staff, we agree in the value of teaching our students how to disagree, but honor respect for one another and we commit to supporting such conversations as they relate to the curriculum standards.

We encourage parents to continue the discussions in their homes to further extend the learning that begins in the classroom. In this manner, students can practice expression of their personal opinion in a respectful, powerful way.

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Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-6

Students and parents: You are invited to participate in Teacher Appreciation week! Wednesday and Thursday of next week, students are invited to write a message of appreciation to one or more teachers or staff members and "heart-attack" their door. Supplies will be available for you at or near the front desk for both campuses. Parents are welcome to participate, as well, or to send a message through email. Teacher emails can be accessed directly through Aspire, as you view your student's grades

UCAS Sophomores- come celebrate!

  • On Wednesday, May 5, all sophomore students are invited to attend an event just for them on the Orem campus! We will have a taco truck with FREE tacos to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This important event will also help you get to know the Orem campus and the teachers and classes you will have next year. See the schedule on the end of year calendar below.

Aspire Testing- for 9th and 10th graders

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Parking in Orem

  • UVU has changed their parking requirements and we need your help. Several students who attend the Orem campus have regularly been parking in the UCAS visitor parking spots. UCAS students are NOT visitors to the school. If you continue to park in these spots you will be ticketed.

Last day for Tutors @ UCAS

May 14 will be the last day Tutors will be coming to the Provo campus. We express our thanks to the many college level volunteer tutors who have come to the school regularly to give assistance and encouragement to our students. Our thanks to Mrs Hemeyer, who together with her husband, organized this program, and brought it to UCAS. Congratulations to those students who have taken advantage of this service. You have been practicing an important student-success skill by doing so! Stay tuned next year to find out when these tutors will start coming again.

Finals Week is coming!

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Graduation Speaker announced!

  • We are excited to announce that Provost F. Wayne Vaught will be the Commencement speaker at UCAS this year. As the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Provost Vaught has a direct impact on the academic program at UCAS. His support of community outreach efforts such as Concurrent Enrollment and partnerships with MTECH help UCAS students to stay engaged in their individualized college and career pathways while in high school. It will be wonderful to have him join us to celebrate our seniors this year!

Volunteers/Donations for the Senior Party

  • The goal of the senior all night party is to provide a safe, supervised environment for students to celebrate their many successes over the 12 years they have been in school. We hope that you will encourage your students to attend. While they may not look forward to staying up all night, there are many activities, a catered dinner, t-shirts and prizes that will take place before 1:00 am. We hope all of our seniors will want to come and celebrate with their peers one last time.

In order to make this evening possible, we rely on our parents. It is helpful to have parents of ALL students (no matter the grade level) contribute to the setup and other logistics of the party. There are opportunities for decorating, refreshments, clean-up, chaperoning, etc. Many of you have already donated. Thank you for your generosity! We are still in need of help for the senior activity. Please consider signing up through the digital sign-up sheet. (signupgenius.com/go/409054baaa92ea02-ucas)

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, you can pay in cash or by card ($25 minimum) to the front office. Online donations are also accepted. Pay by digital check to avoid a fee. (https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/cart/event.php?EID=2510#Approve)


The Senior Party Planning Committee

A subcommittee of the Parent Advisory Council

May events/ Link to detailed schedule

  • As we near the end of the school year, there are several events that you will want to plan for. Please mark them on your calendar.

For a detailed list of events by day and by grade-level, click here.

Summer school Information and registration

For a detailed outline of our summer school plan, dates, times, and schedule, click here.

For a copy of our summer school enrollment form, click here, copy, complete, and send in to the main office on the Provo campus.