What is conservation?

Conservation is the action to save or protect natural resources, wildlife, energy and greenland space. The issue is that a lot of these things are about to run out and eventually become extinct, so we have to conserve them.

What are the causes?

Conservation is necessary because if we don't conserve natural resources, we will not have any left and natural resources are natural so we can't replace them. Also, if we don't take care of wildlife many species will become extinct so food webs and chains in their habitat will be destroyed and depending on the consumer level these food webs and chains will be weakened and slowly destroyed. If we run out of energy a lot of our a lot of our things won't work and there will be less things in stores since machines can't make and process them. Without greenland space we won't have many trees and farming land so we can't grow food and, not a lot of oxygen will be produced since there are not many trees so thats why we need to conserve greenland space.

How is your issue impacted by or how does it contribute to global warming?

This issue contributes to global warming by how we use up all energy and natural resources which isn't good for the environment. Also, when we cut trees we destroy a lot of habitats which can lead to extinction of living organisms and these animals had a good eco-friendly environment but now we made factories that pollute earth anyway. This is haw conserving contributes to global warming.

What are the long term effects?

The long term effects if we don't conserve is that we will have no energy, greenland space, wildlife and natural resources left. If we have no energy from natural resources and we will not have greenland space which will lead to lack of oxygen to breathe in, so we will die. Also, we will have no wildlife so food chains and webs will be destroyed leaving many organisms to become extinct. And those are the long term effects of using and not conserving.

What can be done?

To help conserve we can use smaller amounts of energy, we can stop killing wildlife and using natural resources and greenland space. We should also not cut down trees, themes important thing we can do is not use too many natural resources as they are limited and can't be created again. Also we can set certain days when we don't use something so we can save the amount we would've used. This is what we can do to help conserve.

What is currently being done in Canada and/or around the world?

Currently we are reusing a lot of things, and we participate in earth day to save a bit of energy by turning off your lights. Also to save wildlife some groups of people are helping endangered animals and feeding them. This is what is being done to help conserve everything all around the world