11th Grade Updates OCTOBER

CHS Counseling Office

Starting Your College Search

Log into Naviance and use the SuperMatch tool to begin building your college list. You can filter your choices based on your preferences.

Some colleges are allowing in-person college visits again, so take advantage of that if you can! Don't forget, college visits can be excused absences. Contact the attendance office for more information.

If you don't have time to schedule a college visit, check out this article about how to research colleges without visiting campus.

Test Optional

Some colleges and universities are going "test-optional" with SAT and ACT scores. This can be confusing for families as they begin their college search. Also, double-check with the schools you are interested in, they might be test-optional this year, but not in future years. Here's an article that gives you more information about test-optional practices.

Military Academy Applications

If a Military Academy is on your list of schools there are some extra steps that you need to take. You will need to request a congressional appointment. Here are the websites for you to make those requests.

Senator Young - https://www.young.senate.gov/help/academy-nominations

Senator Braun - https://www.braun.senate.gov/academy-nominations

Representative Mrvan - https://mrvan.house.gov/services/military-academy-nominations

Dealing With Learning Differences

This is a great resource for students who have learning differences. Researching the available support services and programs will be a critical part of your list building. Learn the differences between accommodations in high school and services offered at colleges.

Tutoring Help!

CHS offers Tutoring Tuesdays after school from 3-4:00pm, but did you know that we also have after-school VIRTUAL tutors?!!! This is a great resource if you need help with your classes!

If you need a tutor, check out this link to learn more!

College Sports

If you plays sports, please familiarize yourself with the NCAA and NAIA athletic recruiting requirements.

College Fairs

Purdue Northwest is hosting 2 college fairs this fall. They will host one on Thursday, September 16th at their Hammond Campus and another on Tuesday, October 5 at their Westville campus. More than 60 colleges and universities will be represented at these college fairs! Click here to learn more about these College Fairs.

College Rep Visits

The Counseling Office at CHS regularly hosts college admissions reps as well as recruiters from each branch of the military. Students can sign up to attend college rep visits by logging into Naviance. In Naviance choose Colleges-then in the drop down list and choose College Visits. You can see which schools are coming to CHS and register to attend. Don't forget to come to the counseling office to pick up a pass to attend the meetings.

Bullying Prevention Month

October is Bullying Prevention Month. We want to encourage all students to be aware of what is happening around them and help stop bullying. Bullying is defined as:

  • unwanted aggressive behavior
  • observed or perceived power imbalance
  • repetition or high likelihood of repetition of bullying behaviors

If someone is being bullied, please take action. Talk to an adult that you trust. If someone is being bullied at school, please tell a school employee. You can always talk with your school counselor if you are worried about yourself or a friend.

You can find additional information about bullying prevention at the Stop Bullying website.

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