Mans Best Friend

Facts about dorkies

Dorkies are really cool and unique dogs because they are half dachshund and half yorkie. Dorkies like to snuggle and they protect you and never leave your side. They are very fast and its weird because they have such a long body.

Face of a dorkie and there funny ways

Dorkies are very cute because you see the Yorkie face with dachshund ears. They love to play and just run around but when you are not doing anything they will fall asleep.

color of a dorkie

A dorkie is a weird color because they could be black and brown or just plain brown. Sometimes the dorkie can be just all black. But the dorkie is just Manley black when they are little puppy's.

population of a Dorkie

There is over 6 million Dorkies in the world and counting they are very special Dog's.
Funny yorkie