The "Tutsi" Roll Project

Saving Rwanda one tootsie roll at a time

Outline of Plan

1. Recruit

Our first step to achieving or goal would be to gather volunteers willing to help our cause. We will make flyers and purchase adds in the newspaper so people will know about our organization and how to get involved. The reason we need volunteers is because the more people we have the more we can accomplish to help the rwandan people. We would also print and distribute applications to anyone who says they are interested in volunteering with us because we want to make sure we have the best and most committed people helping our project.

2. Make People Aware

Getting our cause out to the people is very important because a lot of people don't know about the rwandan genocide. Also if people know about the awful things going on they will want to support our organization and tell others. We plan to make twitter and other social media accounts to get the word out. Also we will let volunteers go talk to schools and allow students to hear what we have to say. Finally we will produce a major informational documentary that people can easily access on youtube and our website.

3. Fundraise

In order to raise money for our cause we will be making bracelets out of tootsie roll wrappers to remind people of the horrible genocide going on in Rwanda, since "Tutsi" sounds like "Tootsie". Also we will be making other products such as t-shirts in which all the proceeds will go to the program.

4. Talk to the Government

We believe that this is a big problem in our world and we will make any effort we can to try and stop the genocide. The American Government holds a lot of power and if we can get them to support our cause then maybe the violence will stop.

5. Travel

Our most trustworthy staff members will travel to Rwanda and give the UN and Red Cross the money we have collected. We will also fund doctors and other specialists to travel down and help the people there.