Ancient Greece

By:Blake Morarie :D


My research is talking about Ancient Greece. My first topic will be about the Pericles. Also that will be about some fighting. Moving on the next topic is The Heritage of Greek. That will be about how the Romans passed on the Greeks. My last topic will be about Slavery in Ancient Greece. With that will be about how Greeks and Athena got freedom as ALIENS! Thats all I hope you enjoy.

Topic 1. Pericles

The pericles were not fighters. The Athena army was destroyed in 413 B.C.

Many wars were held during the pericles timeline.The war began in 431 B.C.

After the war the Athena came to an end. Back then there were chimneys but brazier was often also used to heat homes.

Topic 2. Slavery in Ancient Greece.

A large piece of Greek people were enslaved around ⅘ of Greek people.A barbarian was a-non Greek man who liked to enslaved others people.Sometimes an athena would be free from enslavement but has the rights of an alien and was called one.Where the Greeks were held in slavery was in a tiny house with a tiny stove.Men had all the rights to go to theaters and plays and everything else.

Topic 3. The Hellenistic Age

Soon the Greeks were overruled by the Romans.Romans gave Greek freedom as aliens.

Art, science, and letters flourished and developed.The age when Alexander died was call The Hellenistic age. Then the Romans completely took over the Athena, and Greek.


My research about Ancient greece helped me learn more about the Ancient Greek civilization.

I hoped you like my whatever you wanna call it? The first topic helped my learn that all fight don't want to fight. The second topic helped me learn about ALIENS and their freedom or rights. The third topic helped me learn about The Hellenistic Age were the Romans took over every thing. Thats all things that I had to show you guys with all the things we are still learning every day. Thank you :D


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