If I Stay

Taylor C


Mia is a quiet girl who plays the cello. Adam is a out going and rocker guy. When Mia meets Adam they fall in love instantly! Their music starts to get in the way of things. But then Mia and her family get in a car accident...Mia has to decide if she is going to stay or go.
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Hook or Taglines

What will Mia do? Will she stay....or go. Does she have enough fight to even stay anymore?


It is snowing.Mia and her family are driving down a road with dark green fir trees...and suddenly BAM! The passenger side of the car was hit by a four-ton pickup truck going 60 mph.

Book Review

"Beautifully written"-Entertainment Weekly

" A do-not miss story of love,friendship,family,loss,control,and coping."-Justine Magazine

"Warning: this will definitely make you cry."-San Jose Mercury news

"a touching and thought-provoking novel."-Romantic times

About the Author

Gayle Forman was born in 1970 on June 5th in Los Angeles Ca.Her husbands name is Nick and she doesn't have any children. She has wrote- If I Stay, Where She Went,Just One Day, Just One Year,I Was Here, Sisters In Sanity. She has won the Good reads Choice awards best young adult fiction. Her only movie is If I Stay.