May 16-20

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Math Placement

Math Placement letters were distributed today. Students were told that you were the intended audience, and we requested that they not open them, but rather hand them to you to open. It’s a sign of integrity for those students who chose to follow those directions.

For those placed in Math 7:

Math 7 is the natural next class for students. Please note the very limited timeline to appeal placement into Math 7. Parents wishing to appeal (to have their child moved to the Enhanced class) need to get the appeal paperwork/drop off completed forms in Alderwood's office. Mrs. Rydman will review all appeals.

For those placed in Enhanced 7/8:

The Enhanced 7/8 class covers all the seventh grade standards and some of the eighth grade standards. If your child was placed into the Enhanced class, you can still choose to move him/her to Math 7, instead.

For more information, please look at the Middle School Pathways information on IUSD's website.

Upcoming Events:

* Testing concludes next week.

* You will notice less regular homework due to testing. However, students will have reading in Golden Goblet that they may have time to work on, if they finish the tests before our allotted time is over.

Grades/Late Work

Final day for accepting late work is next Thursday, as noted on the homework document on Canvas.

Also, please remind your child about the late work policy: work will be accepted within a week of it being due, except for extraordinary circumstances. Students should not be doing missing work from a long time ago! The focus should be on turning current assignments in on time. Thanks!