Elementary Math News

Notes from the Elementary 3rd-5th grade Math Collaborative

STAAR Information

For the Spring 2016 STAAR Test, TEA will remove all currently-embedded field-test questions for STAAR grades 3–8, which will reduce the length of each assessment by five to eight questions.

The passing standard for the 2016 STAAR test has NOT been finalized. The commissioner has proposed a "standard progression approach" which will increase performance standards annually in small increments that will lead up to Phase 2 passing standards.

January Benchmark Information

The window for January Math Benchmarks will begin January 11th.

January 12th will be the day that 4th and 5th grade students will take the online math benchmark.

Please make sure that your students are familiar with Notability and have scratch paper to work out their problems.

Teachers in 1st-5th grade will also give the fluency probes. Teachers will need to input the fluency scores in Eduphoria by January 22nd.

Making Assessments in Eduphoria

At the Elementary Math Collaborative, the 2nd-5th grade teachers were shown how to use the test bank in Eduphoria to make assessments. The directions are in the Collaborative Google Share Folder (Look in the "Assessments" folder).

Analyzing Your Own Assessments

Teachers analyzed their own assessments at the last 3rd-5th grade collaborative.

They looked at the following questions:

1. Do I have at least 3 questions for each of the Readiness Standards in this unit and 1-2 from Supporting Standards?

2. Am I including any questions that include process standards?

3. Do I have a balance of multiple-choice and open-ended questions?

4. Overall, do I feel that my assessment meets the level of rigor expected for my grade level?

5. Did I include a griddable question? (2nd-5th grade)

There is a form to use when analyzing assessments shared in the "Assessments" folder in the "Collaborative" Google Drive Share folder.

January Elementary Collaborative

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 3:45-4:45pm

Memorial Elementary 1911 S. Walnut

Check the "Collaborative Google Share Folder" in Google Drive under "shared with me" for activities and ideas.

Carri Bevil

Elementary Math Curriculum Specialist