Class of 2016 Class Council

Meeting minutes 8/31/15


Happy first week of classes everyone! Hope you are all adjusting to being back and enjoying the summer weather while it's still here ~

Announcements from Justine & John

As an FYI for anyone who missed the meeting, Jen will not be here for the next few weeks for personal reasons so keep her in your thoughts

Justine- Elections are this semester, and all materials will be due around halfway through the semester with elections set to be happening in late November.

We need: 2 people per council to be on the elections committee. Elections for CC has a different timeline than the SA's.

What does it mean to be on this committee? If there is a contested election, you'll sit n a judiciary board and make the appropriate decisions regarding the outcome. Requirement= you will not be running in the upcoming semester.

Interested? Contact Justine


  • Bear Walk is tomorrow, each class will talk to their respective presidents about their responsibilities
  • Inauguration of Elizabeth Garrett: Week of September 11 onwards there will be events for the inauguration of our new Cornell President. There will be events to go with it, sign up for AT LEAST 1 BY TOMORROW! Link: (SPECIFICALLY THE LUNCH ON FRIDAY THE 18TH FROM 12-2 PM)
  • Blood Drive upcoming- look out for more information
  • (red) campaign near or before December 1
  • RECRUITMENT: September 3 first floor of RPCC lobby for tabling, 5-6 PM. Get freshmen involved! Advertising, chalking on North. Any artists contact John about designing some promotional materials or chalking!
  • Movies on the Slope- Friday September 25 or Friday October 2 as a back up rain date at 7:30 PM. Give away will be a Cornell snuggie/blanket. Our council will be in charge of advertising and the remaining tasks have been delegated to the other councils. Suggested movies: (1) Hunger Games (2) Happy Gilmore (3) Avengers (4) Forrest Gump (5) The Truman Show (6) Minions (7) Inside Out



Carson, Stef, and John will be at the bottom of WSH in the loading dock to pick p ice cram and load it at 7 PM.

Everyone else: Meet at St. Luke's church on Oak (block directly above CTB) at 5:30 PM where we will be split into groups and receive further instruction.

*Still no e-mail from our team leaders about our assignments as of Monday at 8:19 PM.


Senior class council needs to expand!

VP Finance is in the process of being filled, but we have more. Think of people that could fill the following positions:

  1. Commencement chair- only person besides John that gets to be on stage for commencement. Get conferred the degree to represent the entire class. Have to have a vested interest in commencement, attending all the meetings, come to class council to update us on current status. Run fall commencement must be here in the fall to apply. 5-6 of us need to be at fall commencement (December 20th)

  2. Alumni chair- working with senior class campaign, target people on senior class campaign to fill this position, annual fund people contact. Senior class campaign committee invited to events, presidents’ receptions

  3. Zinck’s chair- cornell spirit club for seniors, need 2-4 people in charge of that social events every other Thursday. Senior society works with different bars and restaurants in Ctown and commons that gives back to senior class, purchase card and have a membership so you get discounts and attend events with food, alcohol. We will be having a kick off event for Zinck’s, planning it for International Zinck’s night in October

  4. Senior days- plan senior days, be on the committee, will be at meetings next week (Dorothy)

  5. Greek, cultural diversity, and athletic liaisons

There will be recruitment sessions on September 16 and 17 in Statler ballroom (exact location TBD) with John & Justine

That's all for this week! Remember to volunteer for inauguration BY TOMORROW ( and see you all at the Bear Walk TOMORROW at 5:30 PM