Human Clinical Trials

Do you suffer from Alzheimer's disease?

Do you want to participate in Alzheimer's Research to benefit yourself and future generations?

There have been advances in the comprehending of this brain disorder and new tools that are powerful. These tools help see and diagnose it in people. Potential new ways to help treat, diagnose, and even to prevent Alzheimer's are being studied and created by scientists. These advances have only been possible through the help of people like you, who participate in Alzheimer's Clinical Trials and other studies that further the knowledge about the diseases and test the treatments.
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  • Some clinical trials reimburse associated travel costs, and they also may provide compensation to participants
  • Qualifications to participate in this trial include a volunteer that is willing to help others who may be at risk for Alzheimer's disease, to have study staff explain the trial in detail to get more information about you, then you sign an informed consent form, finally you are screened to make sure that you qualify and then see if you are accepted into the trial.
  • The University of Chicago Medicine is committed to advancing bio-medical change and furthering the knowledge of healthcare professionals. They have a Neurology department in which you can further your knowledge about Alzheimer's disorder.
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Contact Information

The University of Chicago Medicine

5841 S. Maryland Avenue, Chicago IL 60637 / 773-702-1000

To make appointments call: UCM Connect at 1-888-824-0200

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